Halo 3 or COD4

Ah, these are one of the longest gaming debates. I’ve beaten both and played each games multiplayer for along time. I would have to give to Halo3, for many reasons. COD4 was pretty boring, and I felt like it was going to be easy to complete, don’t get me wrong, the movements are cool, but they’re like another typical shooting game. When I played halo3, I would complete a level, and would be anxious for what’s in store for next. The story isn’t well-put, but it’s better than most games.

If we’re judging the game by graphics, COD4 wins, hands down. Halo 3 failed in graphics, but nevertheless, it’s a great game to play with many people.

Halo 3 online kills COD4, it’s just that the depth of the game recordings, and the statistics owns COD4. Also, it has many more variety of game types, and there’s much to do in every match. COD4 has an OK online component, but it’s just not diverse. There’s not many game choices, and varieties to do.

Overall, Halo 3 wins.

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