Myspace and Facebook.

Why the hell do you teens bicker over myspace and facebook. Even if you win or lose your debate on this topic, you’re still retarded. Anyways, back to me, I use myspace because on facebook, the image verification letters are too hard. Also, the way the site is put together gives me trouble, it took 3 hours to upload a damn picture. They should have some disclaimer:

If you’re gpa is lower than a 2.0, don’t use facebook.

I mean come on, is this down syndrome friendly? I have half a mind fieling a law suit to facebook because they don’t help the autistic people. No, I am NOT autistic, but I have my moments! No, I’m not a blonde either.

Facebook, but really, the name, it’s horrid. WHO THE HELL NAMES SOMETHING FACEBOOK? YOUR BOOK IN A FACE OR FACE IN A BOOK? I’m pretty sure this has something to do with confusing me and other autistic people!
I hate you facebook, go myspace!

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3 Responses to “Myspace and Facebook.”

  1. gordey0 says:

    Don’t worry mate, pisses me off too.

    You know what else sucks about BookFace?
    When someone sends you hugs, or kisses, flowers, presents, any of that shit, before you can recieve it, you have to sign up for it, then send it off to other people.

    Sucks heaps.

    BTW – Nice blog, keep it up!

  2. Tex says:

    MySpace – Gay name

    You only think FaceBook is confusing because you are used to Myspace. I think Myspace is confusing and think Facebook is easy as shit.

    Myspace is over run by emos and want to be models/artists.

  3. Esuom says:

    “Myspace is over run by emos and want to be models/artists.”

    Dont forget garage bands full of 13 year olds.

    Im glad that Facebook filters out smoe of the retards with words longer then 6 letters, this keeps the site much more mature.