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Myspace and Facebook.

Tuesday, November 11th, 2008

Why the hell do you teens bicker over myspace and facebook. Even if you win or lose your debate on this topic, you’re still retarded. Anyways, back to me, I use myspace because on facebook, the image verification letters are too hard. Also, the way the site is put together gives me trouble, it took 3 hours to upload a damn picture. They should have some disclaimer:

If you’re gpa is lower than a 2.0, don’t use facebook.

I mean come on, is this down syndrome friendly? I have half a mind fieling a law suit to facebook because they don’t help the autistic people. No, I am NOT autistic, but I have my moments! No, I’m not a blonde either.

Facebook, but really, the name, it’s horrid. WHO THE HELL NAMES SOMETHING FACEBOOK? YOUR BOOK IN A FACE OR FACE IN A BOOK? I’m pretty sure this has something to do with confusing me and other autistic people!
I hate you facebook, go myspace!

Lil Wayne – Still Going Through Puberty My Friend?

Tuesday, November 4th, 2008

Well, Mr. Carter, please learn to rap? All your songs, all of them, were terrible. You’re not the best rapper alive. If you really want to know who’s best rapper alive is it’s Tupac. His lyrics actually mean something, and he’s already gone through puberty. Your voice is still cracking, and it seems like you use some kind of voice editor to hide your true girl voice?

Did I forget to mention that Lil Wayne is also a homosexual rapper:


Wow, I guarantee he’s not fit for a rapper if he’s homosexual. No on prop 8 would help his case guys. Please, Lil Wayne, spare me the grief, and stop singing.

The way Lil Wayne acts, dresses, tattoo’s himself, and his lyrics is utterly retarded. He claims to be the “Best Rapper Alive”, but in the song “A Millie” he says, “I don’t write shit, because I don’t got time”. If you’re the best wrapper alive, shouldn’t you spend time and effort in writing your rap songs?

I can’t believe people think of him as a f***** thug.. This guy has a tattoo of tears on his face. Tell me what thug would have tears on his face? What a little wussy. Everyone thinks he’s the greatest guy alive, oh, let me rephrase, all teenage girls think he’s good. He sucks, anyone can rhyme, Lil Wayne just f*cking sucks.

Cassidy and Ludacris will forever own you in a freestyle… You’re not wanted, and you’re surely not the best rapper alive.