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Warning: Spyware on computer systems

Tuesday, November 11th, 2008

While you are all enjoying your time surfing the internet, here is a valuable lesson in avoiding risque sites that may offer cool things like games, cheats, and other stuff actually use such attractive diversions to secretly install programs that spy on your internet activities and send you pop ups and junk e-mail which can hinder the performance of your computer and cause erratic behaviors within the system.

If you value internet safety, then please avoid using sketchy websites that offer things like games, cheats, illegal downloads, and pornograpy.

Lastly, if you feel you are visiting a malicious site that can harm your computer, turn off your internet router or modem, hide in your closet and lock your doors.

Stay in School and Buckle Up.

Myspace and Facebook.

Tuesday, November 11th, 2008

Why the hell do you teens bicker over myspace and facebook. Even if you win or lose your debate on this topic, you’re still retarded. Anyways, back to me, I use myspace because on facebook, the image verification letters are too hard. Also, the way the site is put together gives me trouble, it took 3 hours to upload a damn picture. They should have some disclaimer:

If you’re gpa is lower than a 2.0, don’t use facebook.

I mean come on, is this down syndrome friendly? I have half a mind fieling a law suit to facebook because they don’t help the autistic people. No, I am NOT autistic, but I have my moments! No, I’m not a blonde either.

Facebook, but really, the name, it’s horrid. WHO THE HELL NAMES SOMETHING FACEBOOK? YOUR BOOK IN A FACE OR FACE IN A BOOK? I’m pretty sure this has something to do with confusing me and other autistic people!
I hate you facebook, go myspace!

Free RuneScape SMS Pins

Saturday, November 8th, 2008

Welcome to one of the least known tutorial on how to get free sms runescape membership.

1. Go to your local AT&T Shop.

2. Get some paper or pencil, or have notepad on your phone ready.

3. Find any phone, and start texting the SMS pin numbers.

4. Do 3 per phone, and there’s about 50 phones on average in each AT&T shop.

5. Repeat.

WARNING: Only do 3 per phone or you’ll get bulls**** while activiating pins.

Spelling Isn’t Important

Friday, November 7th, 2008

“I cdnuolt blveiee that I cluod aulaclty uesdnatnrd waht I was rdanieg The phaonmneal pweor of the hmuan mnid Aoccdrnig to a rscheearch at Cmabrigde Uinervtisy, it deosn’t mttaer in waht oredr the ltteers in a wrod are, the olny iprmoatnt tihng is taht the frist and lsat ltteer be in the rghit pclae. The rset can be a taotl mses and you can sitll raed it wouthit a porbelm. Tihs is bcuseae the huamn mnid deos not raed ervey lteter by istlef, but the wrod as a wlohe. Amzanig huh? yaeh and I awlyas thought slpeling was ipmorantt.”

I know everyone can read that. So, why is spelling important? I’ve seen threads in the past stating, “Spelling is must, etc, etc.” No, it’s not a must. When I first looked at that, I never knew they were scrambled. But, the thing is, who would take someone that spells like that seriously?

The Past, Present, and Future of Cars

Wednesday, November 5th, 2008

Two hundred years ago there were wagons…powered by a horse, maybe two. One hundred fifty years later, the dawn of cars started. Ford Industries came out, and was an instant success. At first, only the really wealthy people would own cars. Once they became more common, it would cost five cents to fill up a tank of gasoline. Little buggies driving down the street, pumping waste into the air. When motorcycles first came out, there was a law that stated: “If you are riding a motorcycle and you see someone who is riding a wagon with horses, then you must get off your motorcycle and disassemble your vehicle.” This was because the government didn’t want to scare the horses….Cars were the hit of the century. However, like all things, the car’s time of being the star, had to end.

Now, it is the beginning of July, 2008. Cars and other vehicles pile the street with immense numbers. Traffic jams are extremely common, and car accidents occur daily. In certain countries such as China, people should expect no less from a drive of 10 miles to take an hour. Gasoline prices are getting ridiculously high. In Europe, people are paying an equivalent of ten US dollars per gallon. In the USA it has reached as high as five dollars per gallon. Similar actions are taking place around the world. Why are these prices rising so quickly and to such height? Petroleum, oil; commonly known today as gasoline. These precious items are running out. Although we have not yet reached peak oil…time is running short. At this rate, the world will be out of energy to power cars within twenty five years. I must say, however, that I am surprised at certain events that continue to happen. Aware of the fact that we are running out, car racing companies and events are still taking place. A complete waste of the Earth’s resources, car racing is simply making select few individuals feel good by competing. In the long run, where is this bringing us? When you drive your daughter to soccer practice; when you drive around just to look at Christmas lights; when you go out to dinner everyday; when you buy a hot car for your girlfriend; think about what you are doing.

In a short time from now, we will not be able to use cars. Without the oil and petroleum, there is nothing to make our vehicles run. This world will being to back-track. Everything is going to be more contained. It will go back to thirty five years ago, when people did everything within the vicinity of their town. Please keep in mind, that cars are not the only things that we will not have anymore. Planes, trains, motorcycles, and motor-boats will all be out of business. This means there will be no more visiting your relative, and no more “seeing the world”.

Now I’m really not attempting to kill your hopes, make you miserable, or anything of that sort. This is just one of the looks into the future of this world. This is not guaranteed to happen, nor am I even predicting this. I am simply pointing out one of the paths this earth may be forced to take.

Please leave comments, questions, or remarks about this subject that will affect the current teenage generation.

Lil Wayne – Still Going Through Puberty My Friend?

Tuesday, November 4th, 2008

Well, Mr. Carter, please learn to rap? All your songs, all of them, were terrible. You’re not the best rapper alive. If you really want to know who’s best rapper alive is it’s Tupac. His lyrics actually mean something, and he’s already gone through puberty. Your voice is still cracking, and it seems like you use some kind of voice editor to hide your true girl voice?

Did I forget to mention that Lil Wayne is also a homosexual rapper:


Wow, I guarantee he’s not fit for a rapper if he’s homosexual. No on prop 8 would help his case guys. Please, Lil Wayne, spare me the grief, and stop singing.

The way Lil Wayne acts, dresses, tattoo’s himself, and his lyrics is utterly retarded. He claims to be the “Best Rapper Alive”, but in the song “A Millie” he says, “I don’t write shit, because I don’t got time”. If you’re the best wrapper alive, shouldn’t you spend time and effort in writing your rap songs?

I can’t believe people think of him as a f***** thug.. This guy has a tattoo of tears on his face. Tell me what thug would have tears on his face? What a little wussy. Everyone thinks he’s the greatest guy alive, oh, let me rephrase, all teenage girls think he’s good. He sucks, anyone can rhyme, Lil Wayne just f*cking sucks.

Cassidy and Ludacris will forever own you in a freestyle… You’re not wanted, and you’re surely not the best rapper alive.

Internet Survival Guide

Tuesday, November 4th, 2008

Hello, and welcome to my guide on keeping your computer safe from, keyloggers, virus, trojans, & other harmful threats.

Everyday, people are browsing through the internet, downloading things that seem to have a catchy name. And, people seem not to check them? Why, is this it’s because of their own stupidity! Honestly, look out for the file size, etc. And, please if your instincts tell you this is a keylogger, or contain harmful viruses don’t download it. Now, lets get to my guide, shall we?

* Get Win-rar:

Why, should I download win-rar? WinRAR is a 32-bit Windows version of RAR Archiver, an archiver and archive manager. RAR files can usually compress content by 8 percent to 15 percent more than ZIP files can. WinRAR’s main features include strong general and multimedia compression, the ability to process non-RAR archive formats, ZIP compression and decompression, support for long filenames, programmable self-extracting archives (SFX), repair of damaged archives, authenticity verification, embedded file comments, and encryption. Unicode is supported in archive filenames, allowing non-English filenames to be handled painlessly. You can manipulate the parameters of many archives at once and view a volume sequence as a single archive. WinRAR can convert other archive formats to RAR and search for specified text and files in archives. Also, when you’re downloading something and unsure, win-rar it and go to!

To download win-rar go to:

* Firewall Activated

A firewall is a software that only allows certain types of program to open, that means harmful things could not open; unless you allow it. Firewall, can be very useful it saves you from many things, downloading things to msn viruses people send you. And, even the mail you get in your e-mail. Also, it saves you from certain bugs onto your computer. If you are on a dial-up connection, you will not really need it.


Msn, is very harmful these days. People, over the internet are chatting and suddenly someone envy wants to keylog you for some pixels, or even some real life money: he sends you a file to show you some pking video, or even something else. NEVER, accept anything over msn this could result into serious damages to your computer and/or even keyloggers. This, has been common in people. They download, open the file and are keylogged. Next day, they are banned for scamming- when you really didnt. Also, read SlaveOfTheBeast’s guide on how to stay safe on msn!

* Virus Scan

Always virus scam your computer, regardless if you download anything or not. You could have forgot you downloaded something, forgot to scan & you are keylogged. And, it’s basically essential to – this could take 3 minutes or your computer could be filled with bull shit. Make the right choice, ok? Why, do I need to keep virus scanning? Simply, because there are new virris are arriving each day, and it’s essential for you to keep scanning your computer daily, or even weekly..

* Staying up-to-date on your computer

People are being infected by many things these days due, to carelessness. Stay up to date, with everything. When, your computer has found something new to update! Always, update the patches these could save you from a lot of harmful things, it only takes 2 minutes!

* Harmful Sites

There are many harmful sites on the web. You should always be careful, when you’re accessing any site. If the site is well-known & trusted, then you may go in. But, always be with cautious your IP is recorded everywhere you go, & your Ip is a very delicate thing that you do not WANT TO expose. For example, Phishing sites are certain websites that obtain your username and password, eg- scamming. People, may have Paypal phishers where you enter your username & password and, then you’ll be cleaned the next day. And, especially the ********** phishers; watch out for them.

* Ads

Never click on them, they could contain spyware. And could be misleading.

* Keeping your password safe!

Always! Always, keep your password safe. Hence, password it means: a secret word or expression used by authorized persons to prove their right to access, information, etc.. Now, read the definition, a secret word. Never, expose your password to anyone, it’s a very dangerous situation. Always, keep your passwords 16+ characters filled with letters, & numbers.

Now, you have learned pretty much all the basics of being safe. Have-fun, and stay clean.
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Humans Becoming Genetically Less Intelligent

Monday, November 3rd, 2008

1. Human intelligence is largely hereditary.

2. Civilization depends totally upon innate intelligence. Without innate intelligence, civilization would never have been created. When intelligence declines, so does civilization.

3. The higher the level of civilization, the better off the population. Civilization is not an either-or proposition. Rather, it’s a matter of degree, and each degree, up or down, affects the well-being of every citizen.

4. At the present time, we are evolving to become less intelligent with each new generation. Why is this happening? Simple: the least-intelligent people are having the most children.

5. Unless we halt or reverse this trend, our civilization will invariably decline. Any decline in civilization produces a commensurate increase in the collective “misery quotient.”

How People Scam Runescape Gold Selling Websites

Monday, November 3rd, 2008

All they need is a paypal that can send money with 1 cent on it.

1. They Download Tamper Data FireFox Addon (need FireFox obviously)

2. They go to google and search runescape gold sell or something like that. They find a site that is on the 10th page +, it needs to be a lower rent website not a high popular one.

3. Once they’re at the site they make sure it is still active and selling gold by clicking the live online support and asking them. Some gold sites stopped selling after the updates a long time ago.

4. Do everything you would do like you were buying gold for real (I would not try to buy more than 5m at a time or else they might catch you).

5. They pay by paypal, but on the page before they enter they go to tools then hit tamper data.

6. They hit Start Tamper once the interface comes up, then click the check out, pay, proceed, etc. button pops up. A New interface should pop up and if there is stuff on the right side of it then it works.

7. They find the currency text box and it should have your total you are supposed to spend. They edit it to say .01. then click submit and Hit stop tamper, and exit out of Tamper data.

8. It should proceed to the paypal page but they will only be paying 1 cent instead of whatever amount they should have been paying. They pay and then go to their online service and ask if they got their order.

Sometimes they check their paypal for the money, if they do then try another site but usually they don’t especially for small amounts.

Jonas Brothers – Bunch of F****ts With Money

Monday, November 3rd, 2008

Nick, Jonas, and whatever the last kid’s name is, you guys are a bunch of f****ts. Have you noticed all the worthless piece of shit actors on Disney Channel become a singing sensation, that all kids look up to..? Lets name them, Raven, Miley Cyrus, and now the Fag Brothers. Disney has taken this way too far, and I am very upset, and would want to 1 on 1 Nick. You little rich kids won’t get ANYWHERE, everyone hates you.

When they first made a broadcast of the Jonas Brothers I was taking a big, smelly, deformed sh*t. They were singing, and I thought it was just the shit rapidly dropping as it hit the toilet water. I flushed toilet, forgot to wash my hands, and turned off the f*cking T.V. I can’t bare to stand these f****ts sing, and this was obviously wasting my time.

The word ‘rock’ and the Jonas brothers don’t deserve to be in the same sentence. These f*gs are just here to entertain little girls, no one else. Oh, and their little movie, ‘Camp Rock’, I give it a -1/1. I honestly see no point of this movie, it was poorly put together, and it was about a girl that wanted to sing with them. I mean come on!! Do you f*cking care? I sure don’t.

How do you even say they’re all hot? One of the look like my pubes, and the rest like the bottom of my *ss. Yes, my *ss is a bit hairy, just to save you from typing a silly question. Every single 12 year old thinks they’re hot, because there just shit behind make-up.

Their lyrics are absolutely sh*t. “Your the voice here inside my head, I got to find you”. F*ck man, stop stalking some 14 year old girl. If you really wanted to find her, just google her.

Well kids, I hope you have learned that if you’re rich, you are a great singer. Disney Channel.. who is next? Don’t tell me, I want another ‘upcoming’ rich singer to bag on.