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Sunday, November 2nd, 2008

Hytu is in NO WAY promoting drugs, these are just writer’s experiences:

Well, smoking hookah is bomb, I believe it’s way better than weed. For two reasons, my parents don’t care if I do it, and it doesn’t get you high. Hookah is so addictive in our family, it goes to the point where my 6 year-old cousins are doing it. Yes, I know, bad parenting, but we’re such a kick back family. Who would blame us? We’re typical Arabians, and we have money, what else can we do besides kicking back and smoking the hookah?

Also, my cousin owns one of the LARGEST Hookah Tobacco company in the world. His son is turning 8 today, and he’s already busting out his money, and showing off. The kid is great. IF you’re wondering what’s the name of it it’s StarBuzz Tobacco. This bitch is literally a millionaire, he went from being poor 2 years ago, and now an upcoming millionaire. If you’re interested in any of his products is site is;

Smoking easy is sooo easy, I mean it’s a no brainer. It’s chill, all you have to do is, kick back, have some friends around, and smoke the hookah. I wouldn’t do it alone, because it’s no fun, better if you have other people around.

Here’s a picture of one my parent’s bong/hookah:

A past drug story

Sunday, November 2nd, 2008

Well, I used to be a beginner smoker. I started to smoke weed, I did at school, friend’s house, and many other places. At my high-school we would have a little trail where no one is allowed. Basically, some friends and I were smoking a joint, and out of the blue one of our P.E teacher comes in and says, “Hey, what are you kids doing!” A friend and I blazed down the hill, while 1 person was left behind. So, 2 days later, the assistant principal sends a call-slip for me. I was searched and violated by the campus security. After long and boring discussions, our manipulative assistant principal said, “We have no proof, go back to class!” I thought to myself.. YES MAN!

The thing is, they were going to call my parents, I told my mom that they accused me of smoking weed, and she went down, and ALWAYS TRIES TO DEFEND ME. THERE’S NOT A TIME WHERE SHE COULD LEAVE THE F*CKING SITUATION. She said in her little Arabian accent to the assistant principal, “Why you accuse my son!”. They would continue arguing, until my mom wanted to do a drug test. I was f*cking totally devastated,

I knew I was going to pass it, and in the end, I did.