Lil Wayne – Still Going Through Puberty My Friend?

Well, Mr. Carter, please learn to rap? All your songs, all of them, were terrible. You’re not the best rapper alive. If you really want to know who’s best rapper alive is it’s Tupac. His lyrics actually mean something, and he’s already gone through puberty. Your voice is still cracking, and it seems like you use some kind of voice editor to hide your true girl voice?

Did I forget to mention that Lil Wayne is also a homosexual rapper:


Wow, I guarantee he’s not fit for a rapper if he’s homosexual. No on prop 8 would help his case guys. Please, Lil Wayne, spare me the grief, and stop singing.

The way Lil Wayne acts, dresses, tattoo’s himself, and his lyrics is utterly retarded. He claims to be the “Best Rapper Alive”, but in the song “A Millie” he says, “I don’t write shit, because I don’t got time”. If you’re the best wrapper alive, shouldn’t you spend time and effort in writing your rap songs?

I can’t believe people think of him as a f***** thug.. This guy has a tattoo of tears on his face. Tell me what thug would have tears on his face? What a little wussy. Everyone thinks he’s the greatest guy alive, oh, let me rephrase, all teenage girls think he’s good. He sucks, anyone can rhyme, Lil Wayne just f*cking sucks.

Cassidy and Ludacris will forever own you in a freestyle… You’re not wanted, and you’re surely not the best rapper alive.

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4 Responses to “Lil Wayne – Still Going Through Puberty My Friend?”

  1. Attiusca says:

    He is so overrated and Black.

  2. Esuom says:

    “his guy has a tattoo of tears on his face. Tell me what thug would have tears on his face? What a little wussy. ”

    You obviously are some white kid sitting in your $500k house? Google what the teardrops mean? Half of the rappers these days have teardrops. Birdman, The Game, Young Buck, etc.

    “Threw the pencil and leak the sheet of the tablet in my mind,
    Cause I don’t write shit cause I ain’t got time,”

    He is saying he doesnt write his rhymes down. He thinks them up and recites them out of his head…

    Final Point – Tupac is dead. Get over it. He isnt “the best rapper alive”…

    Dont write about things that you dont understand.

  3. ayepee says:

    Who gives a FUCK if he’s black, you racist piece of shit.
    He IS the best rapper alive, BITCH!
    His voice is hott, so DEAL.
    Who cares if he’s gay? LOVE IS LOVE. <33
    Yall are just dumbb.
    && His tattoos are sexy, you jealous fuck.
    but you are right about one thing though.. everyone does love him, get over it.


  4. eric says:

    FYI – The teardrop usually represents the loss of a friend. Most fellas with teardrop tattoos are the kinda of dudes you’d wanna call a wuss.