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Jonas Brothers – Bunch of F****ts With Money

Monday, November 3rd, 2008

Nick, Jonas, and whatever the last kid’s name is, you guys are a bunch of f****ts. Have you noticed all the worthless piece of shit actors on Disney Channel become a singing sensation, that all kids look up to..? Lets name them, Raven, Miley Cyrus, and now the Fag Brothers. Disney has taken this way too far, and I am very upset, and would want to 1 on 1 Nick. You little rich kids won’t get ANYWHERE, everyone hates you.

When they first made a broadcast of the Jonas Brothers I was taking a big, smelly, deformed sh*t. They were singing, and I thought it was just the shit rapidly dropping as it hit the toilet water. I flushed toilet, forgot to wash my hands, and turned off the f*cking T.V. I can’t bare to stand these f****ts sing, and this was obviously wasting my time.

The word ‘rock’ and the Jonas brothers don’t deserve to be in the same sentence. These f*gs are just here to entertain little girls, no one else. Oh, and their little movie, ‘Camp Rock’, I give it a -1/1. I honestly see no point of this movie, it was poorly put together, and it was about a girl that wanted to sing with them. I mean come on!! Do you f*cking care? I sure don’t.

How do you even say they’re all hot? One of the look like my pubes, and the rest like the bottom of my *ss. Yes, my *ss is a bit hairy, just to save you from typing a silly question. Every single 12 year old thinks they’re hot, because there just shit behind make-up.

Their lyrics are absolutely sh*t. “Your the voice here inside my head, I got to find you”. F*ck man, stop stalking some 14 year old girl. If you really wanted to find her, just google her.

Well kids, I hope you have learned that if you’re rich, you are a great singer. Disney Channel.. who is next? Don’t tell me, I want another ‘upcoming’ rich singer to bag on.