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The Past, Present, and Future of Cars

Wednesday, November 5th, 2008

Two hundred years ago there were wagons…powered by a horse, maybe two. One hundred fifty years later, the dawn of cars started. Ford Industries came out, and was an instant success. At first, only the really wealthy people would own cars. Once they became more common, it would cost five cents to fill up a tank of gasoline. Little buggies driving down the street, pumping waste into the air. When motorcycles first came out, there was a law that stated: “If you are riding a motorcycle and you see someone who is riding a wagon with horses, then you must get off your motorcycle and disassemble your vehicle.” This was because the government didn’t want to scare the horses….Cars were the hit of the century. However, like all things, the car’s time of being the star, had to end.

Now, it is the beginning of July, 2008. Cars and other vehicles pile the street with immense numbers. Traffic jams are extremely common, and car accidents occur daily. In certain countries such as China, people should expect no less from a drive of 10 miles to take an hour. Gasoline prices are getting ridiculously high. In Europe, people are paying an equivalent of ten US dollars per gallon. In the USA it has reached as high as five dollars per gallon. Similar actions are taking place around the world. Why are these prices rising so quickly and to such height? Petroleum, oil; commonly known today as gasoline. These precious items are running out. Although we have not yet reached peak oil…time is running short. At this rate, the world will be out of energy to power cars within twenty five years. I must say, however, that I am surprised at certain events that continue to happen. Aware of the fact that we are running out, car racing companies and events are still taking place. A complete waste of the Earth’s resources, car racing is simply making select few individuals feel good by competing. In the long run, where is this bringing us? When you drive your daughter to soccer practice; when you drive around just to look at Christmas lights; when you go out to dinner everyday; when you buy a hot car for your girlfriend; think about what you are doing.

In a short time from now, we will not be able to use cars. Without the oil and petroleum, there is nothing to make our vehicles run. This world will being to back-track. Everything is going to be more contained. It will go back to thirty five years ago, when people did everything within the vicinity of their town. Please keep in mind, that cars are not the only things that we will not have anymore. Planes, trains, motorcycles, and motor-boats will all be out of business. This means there will be no more visiting your relative, and no more “seeing the world”.

Now I’m really not attempting to kill your hopes, make you miserable, or anything of that sort. This is just one of the looks into the future of this world. This is not guaranteed to happen, nor am I even predicting this. I am simply pointing out one of the paths this earth may be forced to take.

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