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How People Scam Runescape Gold Selling Websites

Monday, November 3rd, 2008

All they need is a paypal that can send money with 1 cent on it.

1. They Download Tamper Data FireFox Addon (need FireFox obviously)

2. They go to google and search runescape gold sell or something like that. They find a site that is on the 10th page +, it needs to be a lower rent website not a high popular one.

3. Once they’re at the site they make sure it is still active and selling gold by clicking the live online support and asking them. Some gold sites stopped selling after the updates a long time ago.

4. Do everything you would do like you were buying gold for real (I would not try to buy more than 5m at a time or else they might catch you).

5. They pay by paypal, but on the page before they enter they go to tools then hit tamper data.

6. They hit Start Tamper once the interface comes up, then click the check out, pay, proceed, etc. button pops up. A New interface should pop up and if there is stuff on the right side of it then it works.

7. They find the currency text box and it should have your total you are supposed to spend. They edit it to say .01. then click submit and Hit stop tamper, and exit out of Tamper data.

8. It should proceed to the paypal page but they will only be paying 1 cent instead of whatever amount they should have been paying. They pay and then go to their online service and ask if they got their order.

Sometimes they check their paypal for the money, if they do then try another site but usually they don’t especially for small amounts.