Hints to free RuneScape membership

November 3rd, 2008

These are some hints to get free runescape membership. I will not tell you the full guied.

*Requires basic knowledge of thinking. You must know and understand the billing query.
*Read their billing support over and over, until something pops into your mind.
* You must use different locations.
* You must concentrate on 1 account, or you will shift focus.
* Use different Ips.
* Must use an old phone that you subscribed pins to.

Halo 3 or COD4

November 2nd, 2008

Ah, these are one of the longest gaming debates. I’ve beaten both and played each games multiplayer for along time. I would have to give to Halo3, for many reasons. COD4 was pretty boring, and I felt like it was going to be easy to complete, don’t get me wrong, the movements are cool, but they’re like another typical shooting game. When I played halo3, I would complete a level, and would be anxious for what’s in store for next. The story isn’t well-put, but it’s better than most games.

If we’re judging the game by graphics, COD4 wins, hands down. Halo 3 failed in graphics, but nevertheless, it’s a great game to play with many people.

Halo 3 online kills COD4, it’s just that the depth of the game recordings, and the statistics owns COD4. Also, it has many more variety of game types, and there’s much to do in every match. COD4 has an OK online component, but it’s just not diverse. There’s not many game choices, and varieties to do.

Overall, Halo 3 wins.

Customer Server Exploits – Hack any runescape accounts

November 2nd, 2008



What Is Customer Support?
This guide talks about how (in general) the Runescape Customer Support (CS) system works. It is an extremely complex and advanced system, but is so open to abuse it’s ridiculous. Now this guide is not necessarily going to teach you how to abuse the CS, more so teach you about how the system works and the ins and outs of it. It will surely give you some resources to use and also to look for and will give you a good idea on how to use different techniques to reach a bug/exploit.

There are two main ways to abuse the CS system. The first is using the CS agents themselves. Many bugs are spawned from “social engineering” your way with the CS Agents most usually by making up fabricated and false stories. CS Agents used to be very loose and easy to get to give into a story, but over the years they have tightened up a lot. It is still very possible to use them, but you have to find a good story as well as a loop hole. I will go into this more later. The other way is by abusing the computer detection system. When you send in an appeal or recovery request sometimes it is automatically processed, well how does it know if it should go to an agent or should it be processed? If you can find a way to auto process it then you will be able to abuse the computer system.

Appeal System-
The appeal system is one that is constantly trying to be abused by many players. There have been many theories about the perfect appeal that 100% works or even how saying the word suicide in an appeal gets it unbanned (or banned depending on who that’s coming from ~-^) but that isn’t true.

Here is how the process typically works. (1)Player gets reported for an offense (player gets reported for macroing by detection software if they are doing so etc.), (2) the reported offense is looked over by an active CS Agent. Member’s offenses are looked at more carefully than non-members offenses obviously, and depending on the seriousness of the offense it can be looked at for a long period of time or a short. If it is serious and the current CS agent does not know what to do he will report it to one of the CS Shift Leaders, then to the Unit leader if applicable. (3) Once it is reviewed there are different paths it can take: Give the account an Appeal with Auto Decline on it, Give the account an Appeal with a Review by CS Agent, or Give the account an Appeal with Auto Accept the appeal on it. Those are pretty self explanatory, they make an auto accept option because sometimes the offense isn’t bad enough for any black marks, but they want to give a warning to the account about what they did and show them they are being watched, etc. Many Appeals are auto declined, that is why when there is an appeal that works extremely well, even though it is good it will not work if it doesn’t even get looked at, thus why there is no such thing as a 100% appeal.

Now I haven’t tested personally a lot with appeals but there are many good appeal writers out there. I suggest making appeals that not only show great logic but (1) Do not admit the offense, ever (2) Coming up with an in real life excuse can sometimes prove affective but it must totally justify the action. Last Chance appeals are a little different and because they are more rare I don’t have a whole lot of testing with them nor do I have a ton of knowledge. I do know a few methods which prove effective on getting successful appeals with them but there are also Auto Declines on some (not as often as regular appeals but still plausible) last chance appeals.

Recover an Account System-
This is the most complicated system that Jagex has made. Telling you guys that I can put everything down on this guide that I know about it is not realistic as it gets very in depth. Again I am not going to tell or show you how to abuse the system, just give you information on how it works. When a lost password (or stolen) request is sent in it is processed through a detection system. What the system looks for is how much correct information was on the form. The very first thing it looks for is the IP of the creator of the account, compared to the ip of person who sent the request in. Let’s say the ip’s are the same, the detection system adds 50% to its meter of 50/100. It will then look for past members details, if the past members details are right it will add 30% (if its nonmembers then it keeps it 50/80 obviously). Next it looks for past passwords adding 10% if they are correct, and finishing off with recoveries, adding 10% of they are right. Now I am not totally sure what percent range it has to be in to get auto accepted, I have yet to test it but I would imagine it would be in the 85-90 percent range. If you only know 1 past password out of 3 then it will only give you 1/3 of the percent, it’s not necessarily an all or nothing thing. Just knowing this information can help you abuse the auto accept, there are ways to.

Now let’s say it doesn’t get an Auto Accept. It can do a few different things, either get auto declined because the information was totally off, or if some of the information is right (it is all dependent upon the percent given in the last paragraph), then it can get sent to a CS Agent who will review the data, but also look at things like the ISP you entered, Email, When you changed IPs, and any other comments you leave. You can make up false storys in the comments box, and that along with other information you give could lead you to abusing the system.

Message System (Billing Support)-
The message system is limited in that they only respond to billing reports, anything else you send them will be totally disregarded. I’ve come to learn this is really the hardest way to abuse the CS system because they are very strict with billing now. They do not like giving out free membership and they are trained to not give it out under any circumstance really.

I have learned a few ways to send them messages not about billing errors but about banned accounts as well as other messages, and still get a real response from them. You can do this by relating anything to a billing error. For example: I sent in a message saying my account should be unbanned because it was supposed to be a temp. ban but has remained banned anyways, calling it a glitch in the ban process. Now regularly they would just ignore it because it has nothing to do with billing errors, but I went on to say I had 14 membership days left and it was only supposed to be banned for 7 days, but it has remained banned thus I have lost those days of membership and would like my account unbanned and membership restored. Now I only sent this in to see if they would actually respond to it, not to get my account unbanned, I would be a little more convincing than that. Here was the response:
Our records of the X_Muchuchu account show that it was permanently banned on the 29th November 2007. After reviewing your case, I can confirm tthat the ban will not be removed from your account.
Not only did they reply but they actually went into my account information concerning my ban and reviewed the account. I successfully got them to go out of the billing error side and look at the ban status on my account – this is something they are not trained to do but I manipulated them into doing it anyway. This to me was a decent step and find.

I don’t want to go in depth with this for many reasons, but I will just say that once your IP gets flagged by Jagex, Email is the only way to abuse the system. Email I have found effective because they look at emails a lot more carefully more than anything else believe it or not. Every time I sent an email I have received a reply, it has been very lengthy, but it has also been very personal, not computer generated or copy and pasted. I’ve held conversations with the Agents and talked to them before as well, right now this has been what I’ve been doing.


November 2nd, 2008

Hytu is in NO WAY promoting drugs, these are just writer’s experiences:

Well, smoking hookah is bomb, I believe it’s way better than weed. For two reasons, my parents don’t care if I do it, and it doesn’t get you high. Hookah is so addictive in our family, it goes to the point where my 6 year-old cousins are doing it. Yes, I know, bad parenting, but we’re such a kick back family. Who would blame us? We’re typical Arabians, and we have money, what else can we do besides kicking back and smoking the hookah?

Also, my cousin owns one of the LARGEST Hookah Tobacco company in the world. His son is turning 8 today, and he’s already busting out his money, and showing off. The kid is great. IF you’re wondering what’s the name of it it’s StarBuzz Tobacco. This bitch is literally a millionaire, he went from being poor 2 years ago, and now an upcoming millionaire. If you’re interested in any of his products is site is; http://www.starbuzztobacco.com/.

Smoking easy is sooo easy, I mean it’s a no brainer. It’s chill, all you have to do is, kick back, have some friends around, and smoke the hookah. I wouldn’t do it alone, because it’s no fun, better if you have other people around.

Here’s a picture of one my parent’s bong/hookah:

Free Internet At The Cafes

November 2nd, 2008

Welcome to my new & latest guide! This guide will inform you about how to get extra time or plain out disable the client of the cafe. We all hate the Cafe prices, but if you don’t, then who cares? Lets make them lose the money.
Do not attempt if you’re at a cafe with NO people! It must be crowded, or your most likely going to get caught! /COLOR

Step 1: Do cntrl + Alt + Delete, it will open the task manager!

Task Manager should look like this:

Note: If the task manager doesn’t work, you must download and run this:

Step 3: If you’re on the task manager, if not, do so. Go to processes, and find the cafe client.

Step 4: End the process, and the client will exit out completely. Now, you have unlimited time.

Note: If it comes back, delete explorer.exe, and then open CMD, and type explorer.exe!

That is all.

The T-Pain Effect Guide

November 2nd, 2008

Hello, and welcome to my guide. This guide will teach you on how to get the legendary T-Pain voice. The guide is easy if you follow the easy steps I provide you with..

First, you’re going to need to download Auto-Tune, and I’ll provide the link.

Once you download it, don’t open it because you will use it LATER!


Getting MixCraft 4:

1.You’re going to need a program when you can download music. I prefer Mixcraft 4, and I’ll teach you how to get it – also install it.

2. Go to https://store6.esellerate.net/store/checkout/CustomLayout.aspx?s=STR5543411856&pc=&page=OnePageMoreInfo.htm /

3. Once you click download, there’s going to ‘Music Creation’ on the left. Now, you click on download, under Mixcraft 4!

4.Once you download, you will be redirected to a page, it’s www.acoustica.com/downloading.asp?p=71 / . Also, the pop-up for the download is going to pop out!

5. Press save file, and preferably put on your desktop.

Installing Mixcraft 4:

1. Click the run button, and a MixCraft4 logo will pop out! This is what It will show:

2. After you press next, press next again. It will tell you where you want to put the file, and I recommend you to keep it at the default one.

3. Now it will say Choose Loop Library Location. Just press next.

4. Now, it will say Select Program Manager Group, and on that, just press next. Don’t change anything.

5. Put in your e-mail address, it’s not required, but you get info on next mixcraft.

6. It will say you are ready to install Mixcraft 4.1, and now press next.

7. Now, it will start installing files. It will look like this:

8. When it’s finished installing press ‘finish’.

Installing Auto-Tune:

1. First Extract the files I gave you! Once, it’s finished extracting, open the folder!

2. There will be 2 rar files, and extract both of them. Also, make sure to extract it in the same folder.

3. Click the a-aa508a folder. There will be another folder, extract it.

4. Open the set-up, and it will ask next volume is required.

5. Press browse, and go the the folder with the Auto-Tune. Now, press the file a-aa508b, and then press it again, there should be another rar file. Select the rar file. And it should start extracting!

6. Now, go in the file, and press Setup! There should be some music while the set up.

7. This is the important part, after you press next, press browse.

8. Expand the mixcraft 4 and find VST, and double click.It will look like this:

9. Another screen should come, and just press next.

10. Now press install, it should look like this:

11. Now press finish!

Getting the T-pain voice:

Before attempting, HAVE A MICROPHONE! I have one built in my computer!

1. Open Mixcraft4, and this is how it looks like:

2. Now, press effects, after you press it should look like this:

3. Now, press ‘select an effect’. And, find auto-tune VST, it should look like this:

4. Click auto tune, and then click edit. Then it should pop up .. It should look like this:

Setting for the T-pain Voice:

1. K, now you’re going to have to put settings. What I have in the picture put the settings to. Here it is:

2.Now, exit, and right click instrument and delete. Do the same thing for second instrument.

3. Select track image for track 1, and find the microphone image!

4. Now press the record button and start recording..

I hope this guide helps you with installing Auto-Tune, mixcraft, and acheiving the T-pain voice.

A past drug story

November 2nd, 2008

Well, I used to be a beginner smoker. I started to smoke weed, I did at school, friend’s house, and many other places. At my high-school we would have a little trail where no one is allowed. Basically, some friends and I were smoking a joint, and out of the blue one of our P.E teacher comes in and says, “Hey, what are you kids doing!” A friend and I blazed down the hill, while 1 person was left behind. So, 2 days later, the assistant principal sends a call-slip for me. I was searched and violated by the campus security. After long and boring discussions, our manipulative assistant principal said, “We have no proof, go back to class!” I thought to myself.. YES MAN!

The thing is, they were going to call my parents, I told my mom that they accused me of smoking weed, and she went down, and ALWAYS TRIES TO DEFEND ME. THERE’S NOT A TIME WHERE SHE COULD LEAVE THE F*CKING SITUATION. She said in her little Arabian accent to the assistant principal, “Why you accuse my son!”. They would continue arguing, until my mom wanted to do a drug test. I was f*cking totally devastated,

I knew I was going to pass it, and in the end, I did.

Miley Cyrus – A complete slut!

November 2nd, 2008



MILEY CYRUS IS INDEED THE BIGGEST SLUT! She’s 15, and dressing like last night’s stripper, it’s ridiculous. There’s even been words that this young teen, Miley Cyrus, having sexual relationships, and even being pregnant. What do superstar teenage females do these days? I would imagine the parenting being great, considering her dad, Billy Ray Cyrus, was a legend, and still is. Without him, Miley Cyrus is a slut, with minimal vocal talents.

You may argue that’s what typical teenage female would do.. The thing is kids, Miley Cyrus isn’t a typical teenage female. She’s a role-model to many pre-teens around the world. Her dressing and posting slutty is affecting teens in the whole-entire world. Is this really moral? Would you want your sister, mother, or even brother dressing like her right now?

Reckless Driving

November 2nd, 2008

Today’s driving generations are probably the worst. They drive with no care, recklessly and they don’t pay attention to what’s going on in front and behind them. Especially, when everyone thinks they’re are race car drivers and they speed; eventually ending up in a life threatening death. Also, by pulling idiotic movements, so called tricks on the road. You’re either the person who drives with idiocy or you’re the people that witness it.

I strongly believe we should start enforcing a more strict driving law on the American people, we have too many accidents, it’s just a ridicule. We REALLY need to enforce a stricter law; many people are losing their lives due to reckless drivers.

I’ve had an idea for a while now; a way to stop speeding, and red light passing. Something that will be placed into the car, and it will be in any vehicle. It’s a mini chip that they will be put into a car. The chip is always up-to-date, and senses when you’re going above the speed limit.
We could also implement a passenger seat belt. In which there would be sensors placed into the seat belt. This means if the seat belts our not on each passenger it won’t start or move, they will also need to be around the passenger this way they just don’t snap it in and get out of ite the speed limit. If you try to avoid the warning from the computer ( it’s from the chip) then the car will slow down, and eventually stop. Also, when you’re going to pass a street, and there’s a yellow light, it will make the car go slower, and eventually stop when it’s red; so this will stop many red light crossers. If the car is going to fast and there is a car in the lane and your bound too hit it, your car will slow down OR stop.

With this idea, we can dramatically decrease the death rates in America. People are bound to try and take the chips off. So, when they attempt or take it off, it will give the information about the driver. It will signal the nearest cop; they get arrested or fined! I know you’re thinking, what about Emergency cars? They will have one, but the chip will let them go as fast as needed. Because, a person’s life is at stake, you have to do what you have to do. Also, this could be a useful tool when a car has been stolen.

Also, we can have a censor that makes the passengers have to put on the seat belt. If not, the car will stop, and start beeping..

What do you think? Debate, discuss, and argue. I will appeal to your every dispute!

Grand Opening

November 1st, 2008

Hytu.com Introduction Page

Want tips on sex, or maybe you need tips to become a gamer! Then, welcome to Hytu.com, all random things. We’re not like all those mediocre sites. We have not 1 focus, but many. We discuss things from gaming, to the latest teen gossips. Not only do we have discussions, but we have special miscellaneous articles written by the the finest writers. Our finest writers are only to serve you, our guests, and we are here to serve you, and only you.

Hytu.com will always make you laugh, cry, or maybe even make you shit bricks! We guarantee you 100% well-written articles, gaming tips, and some FINE sex tips.

Are you fat and want to lose wait, or don’t have a girlfriend?

Hytu.com will teach you how to lose weight, and EVEN teach you how to pickup a fine lady. The team of writers have written up several guides to fit you.

Are you shitting me? Mad? Vent your frustrations on anything. Whether about your mother, or your hot girlfriend. we are here to help you.

In for an interesting debate? Hytu.com will surely bring you one.

Whether it’s on a presidential debate, or the discussion on proposition we’re all here for intellectuality and that only. You may entitle your own opinion at any expense.

Wow, I can’t believe she did that! Here at hytu, we give you 100% non-bullshit reviews. We will TRASH artists, Paris Hilton, songs, and the newest looks. Yeah, you heard it, we’ll trash them.